Acceptance is a built-in-to-the-psyche universal human desire. It is a form of adaptive behavior. Behavior experts use the word adaptive to describe behavior that has contributed to human's ability to survive and prosper over a long period of time. As a leader, if you operate in harmony with the desire for acceptance, you increase your chances of success in almost any situation. Ignoring or going against this desire is typically a proven formula for frustration and failure. 

In the harsh and unforgiving environment of our prehistoric ancestors, social acceptance was often a basic prerequisite for survival. Humans that possessed behavioral characteristics that encouraged acceptance were more likely to survive and pass on these behavioral characteristics to the next generation. That's how acceptance became so strongly encoded into the human psyche.  

Watch the people around you interact, watch the news, watch lawmakers and politicians, and think about what is going on the world. How many problems are caused by people's unwillingness to accept each other and respectfully work through their differences? How many problems could be solved if people were willing to give acceptance a try? 

The opposite of acceptance and valuing people is rejecting and devaluing them. Do you know anyone who bases their management style on rejecting and devaluing people? Acceptance is not easy at times. Some people seem to go out of their way to trigger opposite feelings. However, even small acts of acceptance can create a pathway to better relationships and better results. Give acceptance a try today. And don't forget to start with yourself. Nathaniel Branden said, "Of all the judgements in life, none is as important as the one we pass on ourselves." 

Be more accepting of more accepting of others...and watch your world get better.