Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is this similar to other personality assessments available on the market? 

A:  There are many assessment tools available on the market and they embrace various approaches to the personality assessment process. We believe the main criteria for selecting an assessment tool is simplicity and understandability. In other words, it should be easy-to-read and easy-to-understand and easy-to-translate into action. We believe the RightPath assessment tool excels in these three areas. It is similar to many other assessments in that it is measuring some of the same traits; however, it is unique in that it does it in a way that is extremely comprehensive and user-friendly.

Q:  What if I have already taken a personality assessment?

A:  Many, perhaps most, people who take advantage of our services have already utilized other personality evaluation instruments and find the RightPath assessment quite unique, interesting, and full of usable insights.  

Q:  What are the advantages of the session with Chris?

A:  Chris is passionate about understanding and predicting human behavior. For years, he has been researching every trait measured by the assessment tool with the goal of translating the results of your report into specific strategies you can implement to take advantage of your unique strengths and mitigate your struggles. Many people who have taken personality assessments in the past did not realize the full benefits of their evaluation because no one helped them link the results of the report to proven self-improvement strategies.     

Q:  What would you say is the best reason for getting involved in the personality assessment process?

A:  Self-awareness is one of most direct routes to happiness, which is the most sought after thing in the world. The pursuit of happiness is the underlying reason for most actions we take, things we accumulate in our lives, and things we try to eliminate from our lives. Our intention is to help you improve your ability to joyfully and productively participate in life.  

Q:  Who are some of the best candidates for the personality assessment process? 

A:  Couples who want to enrich their relationships, business professionals who want to work toward the next level of success (whatever that means for them personally), managers who want to make better decisions, college seniors who are thinking about the next phase of their lives, retirees thinking about the next phase of their lives, anyone between college and retirement thinking about the next phase for their life, parents who want to improve their child-raising skills, anyone who has figured out the pervasive benefits of better understanding behavior. 

Q:  Is this process mainly focused on me, or can I use personality assessments to better understand and predict the behavior of others important to my success?

A:  It is best to start with yourself. The more you understand your own personality the better you will be able to understand others in your sphere of influence. However, many business professionals use the personality assessment as a part of their hiring process, to make appropriate work assignments, to put together effective teams, deciding where to spend their training dollars on employees, deciding the best way to reward people, and in many other ways to improve the performance of their work teams.